Lexicon M93 "Prime Time" Digital Delay
Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

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Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay; Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay; Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay
Smooth, Warm Sound! Analog Harmonics! $800.00 or Best Higher Offer Professional Quality!

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~ Special Product Features ~
  • All Metal Connectors on Rear Panel
  • Excellent Condition
  • 2 RU (Rack Unit) Height
  • Operates on 110 VAC
  • Heavy Duty AC Cord Included
  • Rugged Steel Chassis
  • Ideal for Audio, Video, Theatrical, Public Address and Corporate Equipment Systems
  • Ideal for a Band's Outboard Equipment Rack
  • Ideal for Installed Equipment Racks in Churches, Theaters and Convention Centers
~ General Product Description ~

LIQUIDATION!! Lexicon M93 "Prime Time" Digital Delay!

Live Sound Reinforcement ~ Theatrical Venue Audio ~ Church Sanctuary Sound Systems - $800 or Best Higher Offer!

This delay unit is excellent for use in audio systems for churches, theaters, bands and any other application where a excellent quality Lexicon delay product is desired.

The Lexicon "Prime Time" Digital Delay is a sophisticated professional outboard unit with exceptional sonic capabilities. I have used this unit time and time again for unusual effects as well as "thickening" vocals and the harmonics of many acoustic instruments, from pianos to guitars to horns and strings.

• More information can be found in the YouTube videos found at the bottom of this page. •

Testimonies found on the internet:

Testimony #1:
"I have a Prime Time 93.. for the people asking about them who aren't familiar- great sounding delay, VCO, relatively low bandwidth (12kHz max) makes it sound very warm, mono input with two outputs with a mixer- very versatile. It really defines "that" Pat Metheny stereo bubbly guitar sound - he has used two, driving seperate amps, the many past times, I've seen him. Definitely worth having IMHO."

Testimony #2:
"They sound fantastic, I had forgotten how nice the Prime Time was, old digital gear can often sound really good for whatever reason, so now it is in a sleeve with an AMS reverb and an AMS delay and a Deltalab Accousticomputer, it's my FX party pack."

Testimony #3:
"I used one for years in a studio I worked in Mexico City. It sounded great, used a lot to enhance backup vocals..."

Testimony #4:
"The 93 is extremely useful for flanging or chorusing. It doesn't have a lot of high end and that seems to make it sound great on guitars. My 93 needs some TLC, so I haven't used it in a while, but the 95 gets used on every project, mainly for lead vocal and solo guitar delay. It can also do some very cool tricks with doubling for vocals."

Testimony #5:
"I been trying off and on to find one of these ever since I was at Wireworld over a year ago. I want one bad..."

Testimony #6:
"... got my 93 in 1980 right after I had a conversation with pat Metheny and he was raving about it... I think it is still one of the great delay boxes of all time....and a fantastic bass chorus... great unit !"

Testimony #7:
"... funny, I tend to use my 93 on guitars also, I especially like when the bandwidth drops at longer delay times, kinda like a analog digital thing. at the longest setting it kind of sounds like a speak N spell."


(View YouTube videos of the "Prime Time" below)

View YouTube videos of the Lexicon "Prime Time" Digital Delay below

YouTube demonstrating Prime Time Delay

YouTube demonstrating Prime Time Delay

YouTube demonstrating Prime Time Delay

YouTube demonstrating Prime Time Delay


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