Tripp Lite LC-1800 Line Conditioner ~ Automatic Voltage Regulation ~ NEVER USED!
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~ Special Product Features ~
  • Automatically Adjusts Low or High Voltage Fluctuations
  • Ideal for Computers, Audio &: Video Systems, and Broadcast Applications
  • Maintains usable 120V nominal output during brownouts as low as 87V and overvoltages as high as 140V
  • 1800 watts output power rating supports heavy 120V loads up to 15 amps
  • Network grade surge suppression
    ~ Built in ISOBAR® surge protection against spikes, line noise and RFI/EMI interference
    ~ Supresses up to 13,000 amp spikes ~ 210 Watt-second capacity
    ~ High voltage suppression works between hot to neutral, hot to ground and neutral to ground
    ~ Transient response time: 1/2 cycle typical
    ~ Supression starts at 140 VAC, RMS
  • Complete EMI/RFI noise filtering
    ~ High Frequency Noise Suppression @ 1MHz:
    ~ Filter Bank #1: 50 db; Filter Bank #2: 60 db; Filter Bank #3: 85 db
  • 5 diagnostic LEDs indicate input voltage levels
  • 6 protected NEMA5-15R outlets
  • 6-ft. AC power cord with standard NEMA5-15P input plug
  • Package Includes Instruction Manual
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LIQUIDATION!! Tripp Lite LC-1800 Line Conditioner ~ Automatic Voltage Regulation


List Price $255 - My Price $150.00 or Best Offer!

Maintains usable output voltage during severe brownouts and overvoltages for photocopiers, laser printers, fax machines, computers, audio/video equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE workstations, network nodes, fileservers, phone systems, point-of-sale terminals, and other applications requiring steady input power.

It keeps computers and home audio/video electronics working safely during brownouts and overvoltages. Automatically adjusts the widest range of input voltage back to nominal AC. It alerts you to operating conditions via indicator lights. Also prevents hardware damage and data loss due to lightning and surges.

1800 watt (peak output) Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system. Protects sensitive electronics, computer accessories and home theater equipment from power-related damage and performance problems. Extends the useful life of connected equipment by providing optimum voltage conditions for enhanced efficiency and cooler internal operating temperatures.

Reliable transformer-based voltage correction circuits maintain 120V nominal output during voltage fluctuations between 87 and 140V. Three levels of voltage stabilization offer targeted response for overvoltages, undervoltages and severe brownouts. Prevents equipment damage and power related performance problems for computer accessories, printers, home theater equipment, a/v components and other sensitive electronic devices.

Network-grade AC surge and EMI/RFI noise suppression. Supports loads up to 1800 watts (peak output) or 1500 watts (continuous output), 15A maximum. Includes 6 AC outlets, 6 ft AC line cord and 5 diagnostic LEDs which display incoming voltage level.

It is billed as the most accurate voltage correction of any Line Conditioner in its class. This model sells for $255 MSRP.


Line conditioners correct brownouts (voltage sags), the world's most frequent power problem. In fact, according to an AT&T Bell Labs survey, brownouts comprise 87% of all power problems!

Utility companies, increasingly unable to provide enough power to their market area, are forced to reduce voltage to their customers (especially during the hot summer months), in order to avoid total blackouts.

Localized brownouts are frequently caused by everyday occurrences like overloaded building circuits or increased demand from refrigerators, air conditioners and heavy industrial equipment.

Brownouts, in additional to causing data problems for computers, are much more likely to cause hardware damage than a spike or a surge. The reason? Prolonged low voltage will quickly overheat a computer's power supply.

Tripp Lite Line Conditioner
High Quality ~ American Made ~ BROWNOUT protection.

Testimonies found on the internet:

Testimony #1:
"As an IT engineer that has built and managed high-availability data centers over the past 18 years, I know the value of providing clean, noise-free stable A/C power to sensitive and expensive electronics - and the pitfalls if you don't. When I started putting my current shack together, I wanted to make sure that I adequately protected my rig and accessories from surges, spikes and RFI/EMI induced line noise. At my QTH, I experience more than two dozen power “events” annually. Particularly during extreme hot and cold spells in North Carolina when brownouts are common. Surge protectors are good for preventing major damage, but I wanted a constant 120 volt A/C supply that corrected for voltage irregularities to a greater degree than what low-end UPSs provide. This unit has exceeded my expectations. It provides 80 dB of noise suppression @ 1 MHz and corrects voltage variations from between 87 and 140 Volts RMS. It utilizes a stepped transformer design that is efficient and provides excellent protection for sensitive electronics."

Testimony #2:
"I use mine after the low-end computer grade UPS, so that the transfer from A/C to battery backup is smooth and clean and there is no degradation of the A/C waveform in addition to cleaning up the waveform coming from the UPS itself. It is especially useful when utilized in conjunction with a generator during extended power outages or at Field Day. As a matter of fact, during FD2002, we had a voltage regulator go bad on a generator. It destroyed several surge protectors (caught fire) and took out one of our operating positions. The equipment that was behind the LC1800 was not effected. I was sold right then and there. It has been some of the best "insurance" I have purchased for the shack. I highly recommend this line conditioner for any sensitive electronic application."


Voltage - Input: 87 ~ 140VAC
Voltage - Output: 120VAC
Circuit Breaker - 15 Amp
Output (Regulated Peak Voltage): Within ANSI-C84.1 specifications @ 1800W Maximum
Indicator Lights - LED's monitor input voltage fluctuations
Weight - 13 lbs
AC Output Connector - NEMA 5-15R
Voltage - Input Connector 14 Gauge, 3-wire on 6' Cable
AC Outlets - 6 total - NEMA 15-5R (2 outlets for each of 3 filter banks)
Size - 5.25" H x 7.75" W x 7.00" D


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