Clear-Com PS-22 2-Channel Power Supply ~ Theatre ~ Broadcasting ~ Production!



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Excellent Condition! Dependable! $249.00 or Best Offer List Price $449 → You Save $200 !

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~ Special Product Features ~
  • Ideal for Theatrical, Industrial, and Broadcast Applications
  • Rugged Construction for Extreme Durability
  • Light, Small, Rugged, and Portable, with Carry Handle
  • “Intelligent” Power Sensing
  • Provides System Power, Line Termination, and Program Feeds for 2-Channel System
  • Automatic Short-Circuit Protection and Reset
  • “Short” and “Good” Power Indicators
  • Front-panel “Link” Switch to Operate as One-Channel System
  • Program Input with Selectable Channel Assignments and Individual Level Controls
  • Can be Paralleled with Other Power Supplies and Main Stations for Increased Capacity or Backup Support
  • One-amp Power Supply Capacity
  • Switchable 115/230 VAC
  • Portable or rackmount
  • UL approved
~ General Product Description ~

LIQUIDATION!! Clear-Com PS-22 2-Channel Power Supply ~ Theatre ~ Broadcasting ~ Production ~ Great Quality!
List Price $449 - My Price $249.00 or Best Offer!

The PS-22 power supply supports two intercom channels containing up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations. The PS-22 features Clear-Com’s failsafe power-supply design for maximum reliability. In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload, the PS-22’s electronic overload protection circuit will instantly shut down the DC output to avoid damage. As soon as the fault condition is removed, the auto-reset circuitry will automatically restore system power, even under full load conditions. There is no need to disconnect stations to allow the power supply to reset.

The portable PS-22 is capable of delivering 1 amp at 30 volts. Two or more power supplies can be connected in parallel for increased capacity. In such configurations, the PS-22’s intelligent power-sensing capability enables the system to automatically reset itself in the event of a DC short or AC power loss anywhere in the system, no matter how many power supplies the system contains. You need never disconnect and reconnect remote stations to restore power to the entire system.

The PS-22 provides, in addition to system operating power, two channels of intercom. It also provides a convenient front-panel “link” switch to operate as a one-channel system. The PS-22 also accepts a balanced program input, selectable for microphone or line-level signals, that can be sent to either or both channels, mixing with the intercom signal.

The front panel of the PS-22 includes two program on/off switches and level controls, the channel-link switch, and the “short” and “OK” DC power-status LED. The PS-22 rear panel provides XLR intercom-line connectors for each channel, two intercom-line termination switches, an AC-mains power-connector block with power on/off switch, one XLR program-input connector, and a program mic/line select switch.


Broadcast ~ Theatrical ~ Production ~ Institutional

Extreme Durability ~ Excellent Audio Communications ~ Dependablity


D’Entertainment Equipment - $412.73

Product Manuals ~ Schematics ~ Technical ~ Installation Information

PS-22 Datasheet

Clear-Com PS-22 Datasheet

Clear-Com Installation Manual

Clear-Com "Party Line" Installation Manual

Intercom Engineering Handbook

Intercom Engineering Handbook


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